Easy Street Markets


Easy Street Markets provides internet sales for the entire Atlas Screen Printing line as well as a few other small organizations. We work hard to ensure a safe a secure method of online shopping.

I derived the name Easy Street Markets derived from a location in Micanopy, Florida. At the time that I met my wife she was living in a duplex on the corner of Lucky Avenue and Easy Street. That was sufficiently whimsical to keep the name in my head although at the time operating an online store was not.

After operating an online store for a while and learning some of the dos and donts I wanted to come up with a name which lended itself to a collection of artists, small vendors, and manufacturers. A local art festival on the downtown street gave me the rest of the idea.

street sign

The previous name for this store was eGossypia.com was a play on the Latin genus for cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) The play come from being the online supplier for a line of clothing under the name Wild Cotton. Nobody got it. I was enjoying the pun too much and nearly everyone else missed it. Now, on the something new.


E-Mail: info@easystreetmarkets.com

Phone: 352.328.7344

PO BOX 12372
GAINESVILLE FL  32604-0372